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Dave Green Photo Gallery

Dave Green on stage from a distance

In this Photo and Video Gallery section, I will be uploading images and videos from my performances. The initial items below are from previous performances and also some of my personal photos from my younger years.

My Mission

I love playing music, I always have, and from an early age, the guitar was the instrument of choice. I enjoy a number of different styles of music and as you can see from my photos below, I love being on stage and I think from my photo gallery below you will see that in evidence. I am a self-published and recorded artist; and my musical style is vast, and my love of rock is so deep, that my repertoire spans decades and many styles.

If you have been to any of my shows and have imagery which you wish to share, please do send them on as I love interacting with the audience and those who come to my shows.

In the coming weeks, I will be expanding my photo and video gallery with further images for you to enjoy. 

Video Gallery