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Dave Green - Worlds Tallest Guitarist - Dave Green Live
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About Dave

David Green is the World’s Tallest Guitarist standing at an impressive 7ft. David has many years of experience in the music industry.

The World’s Tallest Guitarist David Green stands at just under 7 feet 1 inch with a size 20-inch shoe size (US).

David has been playing guitar since the age of 11 and growing up in the Seattle area he was of course drawn to playing rock guitar. David then went on to go to high school in the Wisconsin area before moving on to Colorado, back to Seattle, and then on to Las Vegas. With his amazing stature, David even played 4 years of college basketball. David is a self-published and recorded artist; his musical style is so vast, and his love of rock is so deep, you cannot pin him down to deciding on a ‘favorite band’.